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Health benefits of Mulberry


Health benefits of Mulberry

Mulberry is a small, but very tasty and juicy summer fruit. It is probably the pod of this tree, just like the cactus pod, but unlike the cactus pod, it is very tasty. The mulberry tree is quiet It grows high. Birds come to this tree very often. 

Types of Mulberry

There are two types of this fruit:

1) white Mulberry

2) Black Mulberry

Medically, only black mulberry is eaten

Health Benefits of Mulberry 

Remove Unnecessary substances in the body

Mulberry has a soft bowel movement. It removes waste and unnecessary substances from the body with great excellence. Eating it also removes waste products from the liver and also improves the liver. It is useful in skin diseases, such as pimples and boils.

Mulberry leaves relieve Mouth ulcers

Health benefits of Mulberry

Mulberry leaves are good for mouth sores and pustules.

Usually, blisters appear in the mouth in summer. To get rid of these blisters, gargling with a decoction of mulberry leaves is a useful measure.

Mental dryness, physical weakness

Eating mulberry is beneficial for relieving dryness of the brain. It gives pleasure to the heart and mind and calms them down and moderates their functions. In addition, eating mulberry also produces good blood and if eaten for some time in the future, physical weakness is removed and strength comes to the body.

Mulberry Syrup relieves Throat complaints

Mulberry is especially useful in sore throats, sore throats, and colds. For these ailments, its juice is drunk. The black mulberry syrup is prepared for sore throat and is available in pharmacies under the name of mulberry syrup.

Anxiety and nervousness

Eating fresh mulberry relieves anxiety, nervousness, and irritability. This fruit affects the nerves of the patient, creates a feeling of calm, and refreshes the heart and mind.

Silk on the Mulberry leaves 

Silkworms are reared on mulberry leaves. Silkworm likes mulberry leaves very much.

This worm forms a web with its saliva on these leaves. This web is made of silk wires. The silkworm wraps the wires made of its saliva around itself until it stays closed inside it. Later, silk is made by boiling the silkworm (silkworm shell), but doctors rip the wells out to remove the dead silkworm and use the rest in the medicine. Silk yeast is a popular compound. It is said that silk is also a gift of mulberry. Keep eating mulberry with other fruits in the summer season. It has good effects on health.

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