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How does your body immune system works after vaccination?

corona vaccine

Why body gets a fever after activation of the immune system? 

Our body's immune system works in two ways. When a virus enters the body, the immune system sharpens its knives and is ready to fight the virus. The cells of the immune system try to neutralize the virus and in this attempt, the body gets a fever, which actually causes the environment unfavorable for the virus.

Immune cells

In addition, our body's immune cells try to kill the virus with certain chemicals. This defense tactic of the immune system is often effective in repelling the virus, But some viruses survive and they break through this first line of defense, for which our body has a "Plan B".

T cells and B cells

Nature has placed T cells and B cells in our body.

T cells 

 There are two types of T cells.

1-Helper T cells 

2-killer T cell

In the second stage, the B-cell fights the virus and produces antibodies in the body to kill the virus for the pre-existing immune system, while the killer T cell kills those cells. , Which are infected by the virus, because the virus has "infiltrated" into these cells, it is necessary to kill them, and T-cells do this very sharply without killing the remaining normal cells.

Importance of memory cells

The most interesting and amazing thing about this whole process is that when our body eliminates the virus with the help of its dual immune system, it stores all these things related to the fight against the virus in the "memory cells".  That's why the next time the same virus attacks again, we don't have to hesitate so much, our body immediately deactivates the virus and we don't even know how we became safe. This is called "immunity" and the vaccine is what creates the immune system. 

what happened to our body's natural immune system in the case of the coronavirus and how will the vaccine made in a scientific laboratory work?

More than 100 million people in the world have been infected with the coronavirus so far, with more than 2 million deaths, most of them recovering from their natural immunity. T and B cells work in their bodies, kill the virus and then store this information in their cells, which is why at least in the near future they are unlikely to get the coronavirus.

Coronavirus patients who have been infected with the virus have been rescued by medical science and timely medical care and modern facilities. The dangerous thing about this virus is that in severe cases, even after recovery, its effects remain and there is a possibility of damage to other organs in the body besides recovery and weakness.

How does the covid vaccine work?

The vaccine will do the job of injecting the genetic material of the virus into the human body, which does not contain the components of the original virus, our body will treat it as a virus and release it to our immune system They will become "armed" in the same way as a virus attacks.

This information will be stored in memory cells and when the coronavirus attacks, our immune system will use this information to kill the virus, because at that time the virus will not be unique to our body.

Once our body learns how to destroy the virus through the vaccine, then the vaccine stops working. The vaccine does not stay in our body, only the way to deal with the virus remains in the memory cells. This process is called vaccination. 


It is true that every vaccine has implications and not every vaccine is 100% guaranteed to prevent disease, but nothing in this world is 100% guaranteed because the human body is as mysterious as the universe and science is a mystery. The fact is that vaccines come into being as a result of scientific methods.

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