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8 Benefits of the cashew

  8 Benefits of the Cashew


1-Relieve Stress or Depression

The delicious taste of cashew nuts is useful in relieving stress or depression. An important ingredient found in cashews is tryptophan, which can naturally keep the human mood happy. According to health experts, tryptophan reduces stress and eliminates sleep disturbances and is also said to be helpful in the better development of growing children.

2-Control Cholesterol and heart diseases

Cashews also contain some fatty acids which are useful in controlling cholesterol and heart disease. Cashews are one of the favorite dried fruits of almost everyone in children and adults. Protects against coronary heart disease. Lowers cholesterol levels. It provides 20% of essential energy.

3-Provide bone strength and muscles

The calcium and magnesium in it are useful in strengthening bones and muscles. The use of magnesium prevents heart attacks. Cashews also contain a lot of copper, it has anti-acid and energy-producing properties. Helps in the use of iron in the body and removes harmful elements. Cashew is useful for heart patients.

4-Prevents  deadly Diseases

It is also said to be useful in diabetes. Cashews contain vitamins, fiber, minerals, and other ingredients that can protect against many deadly diseases such as cancer. A small amount of cashews provides the body with precious metals.

5-Beneficial food for growing children

Cashews are beneficial food for growing children. The minerals in cashews, especially zinc and copper, help in physical development.

6-Prevention of cancer

Proanthocyanidins and Cooper's tolerant cashew fights cancer cells and helps prevent colon cancer.

7-To prevent cold

It is useful to eat cashews daily to protect yourself from the effects of cold.

8-Control Diabetes

One hundred grams of cashew nuts contain 100 calories and 51 grams of fat. It is good fat which is beneficial for our health. Cashew nuts do not contain unhealthy fats. It is also useful in diabetes. Experts say that cashews contain natural ingredients that can absorb insulin from the blood into muscle cells, while the "active compounds" found in cashews help prevent diabetes from growing and the potassium in them helps maintain the level of sugar in the body.


How many cashews can I eat a day?

Health experts say that it can be consumed in moderation, ie 10 cashews a day. It provides about 100 calories. The fat in cashews is considered "good fat". it is a healthy dried fruit. 


Patients with high blood pressure should avoid eating salted cashews

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