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11 health benefits of Bitter gourd

Bitter gourd

Scientific Name of  Bitter gourd

 Scientific name is "Momordica charantia"

Nutritional value of Bitter gourd

Bitter gourd is a very nutritious vegetable full of nutrients. it is also known as Bitter melon. It is useful only in its bitterness. Bitter gourd naturally contains ingredients which purify the blood and is very beneficial for the liver. It contains vitamins A, D. It also contains C and B6 , proteins and potassium. It also contains iron, calcium and phosphorus.

Taste of Bitter gourd

It has a hot, dry and bitter taste. 

here are some health benefits of bitter gourd and its juice

1-Helps in Weight loss 

Bitter gourd has zero calories and  cholesterol. Bitter gourd is an antioxidant vegetable, which improves the digestive system and helps in weight loss. The antioxidant components of bitter gourd remove fat from the body, including waste products. Eating it daily leads to significant weight loss.

2-Helps in reducing diabetes 

Bitter gourd is considered to be the best medicine for treating diabetes. Bitter gourd also contains enzymes that increase blood insulin and thus keep blood sugar levels balanced. Some other ingredients in bitter gourd also increase the number of pancreatic cells. It also produces insulin. It also contains an enzyme that balances sugar levels in type 2 diabetes.

3-Eliminates toxins and cleans the blood

Bitter gourd is a useful vegetable that is easily digested. The fiber in it eliminate  constipation  and its juice is antiseptic, which removes toxins from the body and makes the blood circulate. Due to its bitterness. Bitter gourd juice helps a lot in cleansing the blood, which cures skin diseases like acne and other skin diseases as well as itching.

4-Lowers bad cholesterol levels

Bitter gourd has a natural ability to regulate the level of bad cholesterol. It reduces the risk of heart attack by removing blood clots in the arteries of the heart and reduces the amount of sugar in the blood to keep the heart healthy. 

5-Increase Eyesight

The beta carotene in bitter gourd protects against eye infections and sharpens eyesight. This vegetable contains various enzymes, which help to flush out fat and harmful health ingredients that block the arteries.

6-Regulate Heart health and produce immunity

It is a very useful vegetable for heart health. Bitter gourd is beneficial in every way. Eating it increases immunity. The vitamins in bitter gourd eliminate harmful substances in the body. 

7-Bitter gourd juice benefits in liver diseases.

In case of liver problems, bitter gourd juice is extremely useful. Drinking half a glass of bitter gourd juice daily makes a difference in just one week. The bitterness of its juice is beneficial in liver diseases.

8-useful in seasonal diseases

Bitter gourd is also useful in seasonal diseases. Boil bitter gourd in water and drink its water. Doing this process for a few days gets rid of seasonal diseases as well as infections and allergies. Antitoxins present in bitter gourd  protect against many skin problems. Bitter gourd and its juice are very useful for health.

9-prevents from premature graying of hair

Bitter gourd also has a treatment for premature graying of hair. For this, apply bitter gourd juice in the hair. Doing this once in ten days, In addition to the hair stops turning white and also becomes clean, soft, shiny and strong. The magical effects of bitter gourd are numerous, but its juice has many positive effects on health.

10-Bitter gourd juice benefits and some precautions

Its juice should be taken in small quantities daily, otherwise abdominal pain and nausea may occur. Pregnant women should also avoid drinking large amounts of bitter gourd juice, although this juice helps to increase energy and bring full sleep. Yes, however, moderation is necessary, so that more benefits can be obtained. Eating bitter gourd in fever reduces fever. It relieves pain and energizes the nerves.

Bitter gourd is also effective in relieving joint pain and arthritis. Eating bitter gourd is also very beneficial in diarrhea and paralysis. Bitter gourd also has the property of breaking down kidney and bladder stones. It is also extremely beneficial for patients with asthma

11-Kills stomach worms

It also has the ability to kill stomach worms. In every stomach disease of children, it is beneficial to drink the juice of bitter gourd leaves. Its leaves are squeezed and its juice is extracted, which is very bitter. But it is a useful medicine for stomach ailments.


 If bitter gourd is cooked with its peels, its benefits are more. Always buy fresh bitter gourds with green skin and if there is any stain on the skin, clean it with a knife. Then wash it thoroughly, cut it into lengths and add salt. Wash it again before cooking, so that the salt comes out, then cook it. Bitter gourd can be cooked in many ways.  No matter how you cook the bitter gourds, their usefulness is maintained. Eat this nutritious vegetable every week and get the benefit of its useful ingredients.

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