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Benefits of olive oil

 Benefits of olive oil

Benefits of olive oil

Olive is a fruit tree and the oil extracted by squeezing the ripe fruit of this tree is called olive oil. It is the only oil that benefits the human body both internally and externally, that is, it is second to none for food and massage. What could be its higher status than what the Almighty has said about it "It is a blessed tree".

 It is the only edible oil in the world that is considered safe. Olive also has the honor of being considered the oldest fruit on the planet.

Types of olive oil

 There are four types of olive oil commonly found in the market. 

 1. Extra virgin oil

 2.Virgin Oil

 3.  Light oil

 4. Poms oil

Extra virgin oil

 The best and safest type is extra virgin oil which can be drunk and used for everything from cooking to massage.

Ingredients of olive oil

 It is manufactured according to international standards. The most important thing is that it is safe for all kinds of chemical ingredients.  Although virgin oil and light oil are the same as olive oil, their quality is not much better. While poms oil is the lightest type of olive oil. Which is chemically prepared from the olive pulp. Nominal amounts are mixed with extra virgin oil to form olive oil.

Health benefits of olive oil

 Olive oil is rich in nutrients and is also a cure for innumerable ailments. One of the special features of this oil is that it contains very few carbohydrates, i.e only four to six percent.  It is rich in minerals and is rich in healthy minerals. In addition to the huge amount of omega 9, it contains omega 6, omega 3, fatty acids, vitamin K and vitamin E.  ۔

 Heart disease practitioners especially insist on the use of olive oil because it has a better ability to keep blood pressure at a reasonable level and also keeps cholesterol levels at a reasonable level. It is second to none.  There are two types of LDL (bad cholesterol) and HDL (good cholesterol).

 LDL levels need to be kept low to prevent heart disease, while HDL levels need to be raised. The use of olive oil to keep both at a reasonable level is very beneficial.  The biggest feature of the oil is that it is cholesterol-free and also gluten-free. While olive oil can keep cholesterol at a reasonable level, it is also extremely beneficial for diabetics because blood sugar levels are controlled by its use.

 At the same time, it can strengthen bones. Doctors and physicians agree that olive oil improves the digestive system, which prevents constipation.

 Arab countries are so impressed with its usefulness that coffee made from olive leaves is very popular at home. It is well known in Arab and some western countries that olive oil protects against cancer, especially breast cancer.  This coffee protects against seasonal viruses and bacteria when the weather is changing.

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