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How can we reduce Aggression?

Aggression and depression

Effects of Aggression on Lungs

 People who are tempered, irritable,  and depressed are more likely to get heart disease, asthma, and other serious illnesses. Lung strength usually weakens with age.  But if one's temper flares up with anger and aggression, then the lungs begin to decline rapidly.

 This was revealed in a study conducted in the United States in which 670 men between the ages of 45 and 86 were included.

 It was an eight-year research project that found that men who had a higher anger factor at the beginning of the study had significantly lower lung function by the end of the study.

 This is the first study to show that anger and irritability weaken the function of the lungs, make older people angrier, and can even cause them to choke.


 Other factors are also taken into account in this regard, such as smoking also affects the strength of the lungs, however, it has been observed that anger and aggression are the most harmful. It was also noted that people who are tempered by extreme anger, temper tantrums, and depression are more likely to have heart disease, asthma, and other serious illnesses. Other studies have also shown that people with weak lungs are more likely to have respiratory infections.  Can also suffer from obstructive diseases.

Effects of Negative emotions on the body

 Negative emotions alter the body's biological processes, disrupting the body's natural immune system, affecting the nervous and hormonal processes, causing dangerous inflammation of organs, especially the lungs.  As a result, Stress-related factors slow down the body's systems, which in turn opens the door to disease and physical ailments, although he said that at the moment it is not possible to say with certainty which organs of the body are affected by a state of intense anger.  Has negative effects, but recent research has shown a link between too much warmth and poor lung function with age.

Peace of mind

 Many people get irritated at such a small thing, this habit of theirs makes life difficult when our mind works very fast from one problem to another, then the result is a disturbance in the mind. if we want our emotions not to be provoked and we stop being out of control, then it is necessary to slow down the pace of modern life.

 Peace of mind is possible only if the fast pace of life is slowed down. If you work with rest and patience instead of any pressure or haste, you will reach your destination quickly, You can never be harmed by being under the care of Allah and walking at His speed. If you lose Him once, you may spend your whole life wandering in darkness, so practice peace of mind.  

 At least once a day, leave your work for ten or fifteen minutes, and sit in a quiet place and let these thoughts pass through your mind. This will calm your mind, you will feel refreshed.  

Here are some tips to avoid aggression


 Doctors say that the cure for many physical ailments lies in stopping people from getting irritable and angry. Here are some tips to help you, for example, Do not stamp your feet on the ground,  do not speak loudly, do not rush to do any work because as well as being emotional, a person's physical movement also increases, sit comfortably while sitting.   To control yourself, you need to get in the habit of thinking with a big cool mind. , because your thinking has a lot to do with your physical activity.  Yes, your blood pressure will increase, it is also true that if you have control over your body then your mind can also be under control, the first step in getting the peace of mind is that you  Organize your physical reactions, you will be amazed at how much this process reduces the bitterness of your body and when the bitterness of nature goes away, then there is no question of frustration or insanity. This will save your constructive energy from being wasted, you will start to feel refreshed instead of feeling tired.

Here are some more tips to help you reduce your temper tantrums.

 1: Sit comfortably in a comfortable chair, leave your body completely relaxed, feel as if every part of your body is resting, reassure yourself that your whole body is resting perfectly  ۔

 2: Imagine your mind as a lake, the surface of which is stirred by strong gusts of wind, then think that the wind has stopped and the surface of the lake has become completely calm.

 3: Think for three to four minutes about the quiet scenery you have ever enjoyed, such as a mountainous place, a valley full of flowers. Hopefully, by following these tips, you will stop burning and live a good life. 

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