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Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer  

Breast cancer

If we talk about cancer in women, breast cancer is the most common, and now it is seen that young women are also suffering from it, many things can cause this cancer, Cancer makes a significant number of women sick and causes a significant number of women to die.

Stages of  Breast cancer 

 To explain to the public, breast cancer can be divided into four stages, 

Stage 1

if cancer is limited to the breast only.  If so, it is called Stage 1.

Stage 2

if cancer reaches the armpit of the relevant side, it is called Stage 2

Stage 3

 if the disease reaches the neck, it is called third stage 3

Stage 4

 if cancer reaches the lungs, liver, bones and  When it reaches other distant parts of the body, it is called Stage 4.


 Our biggest tragedy is that women often come to the surgeon too late.  It is worth mentioning here that let alone remote and small cities. Large cities and educated people also often come to the surgeon late, it should be kept in mind that if the patient has come to the surgeon in Stage 1 and Stage 2  So it is called Early  Breast Cancer.

 in these cases the disease is curable and if the patient follows the instructions of the surgeon, not only does he recover completely, but he can live a life as if he has never been cancer. On the other hand, if a patient comes in Stage 3 or Stage 4, it is called Advanced Breast Cancer. 

If the patient comes in this condition, the patient cannot be completely cured and treated as well as he wants.  The patient has complications.

Treatment of breast cancer

 The type of treatment a patient needs depends on the stage and type of cancer because sometimes the size of the gland LUMP is small but it is more deadly if we talk about the treatment of breast cancer. Different physicians work together, including surgeons, oncologists, radiotherapists, plastic surgeons, and sometimes psychiatrists. The patient should contact the surgeon immediately whenever there is any chest pain.  He will examine her for the necessary tests and decide if she has cancer. If she has cancer, she will decide according to the type and stage of cancer whether she should have her first surgery or whether her first medication is chemotherapy or  Radiotherapy should be given, and then surgery should be done.

Symptoms of breast cancer

The most common symptoms of breast cancer are a lump in the breast, a lump in the nipple, a discharge of blood or fluid, a slip in the nipple, or sometimes a lump in the breast that does not heal with normal treatment.  Should be in contact with a doctor.  The Doctor will perform the necessary tests after the examination, which usually involves ultrasound in women under 35 years and mammography and FNAC or Tru-cut Needle Biopsy in women over 35 years of age.  According to traditional surgery involves the removal of the entire breast, but in modern cases, in cases where it is suitable, the entire breast can be removed without breast surgery.it is called Breast Conservation Surgery.

And even if the whole breast is removed, it can be rebuilt at the same time or later by plastic surgery.


 There is a need to make people aware of the importance of this thing so that they understand that if breast cancer is treated on time, it can be cured, especially young women in general and after 35 years in particular.  Learn to self-examine your breasts Breast Self Examination, and if any suspicious symptoms are found, contact a surgeon. In 1% of cases, breast cancer is also found in men, and cancer found in men is usually more deadly.  It is worth mentioning here that there are many female surgeons in Pakistan now.

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