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Depression , sadness and disappointment.

Depression , sadness and disappointment

Depression , sadness and disappointment

Depression, sadness and disappointment are three different conditions.  It is a mistake to think of them as different names for the same condition.  Some conditions must be similar.  Depression is one such dangerous disease.  Not only does it affect your physical and mental health but it also affects your sleep, waking, eating and even thinking.  Today the disease has become so common that hardly anyone in the world is safe from it.

 Women are more prone to this disease than men.  Growing problems in society, low incomes and high expenses, domestic worries and the deteriorating situation in the country have made man a victim of depression.  Every day we have to go through some kind of situation from which we are getting more and more confused, suffering from mental and physical illnesses.

What is the ratio of depression in Pakistan?

 In our country, depression mostly affects women and children, while sadness and frustration are more prevalent among business people.  Depression affects 65% of the people in Pakistan. Chemically, depression is caused by an imbalance of certain hormones.  Sometimes this imbalance occurs in response to certain situations and events.  Negative thoughts lead to depression while frustration and sadness arise when a person sees his future etc. falling and he is not finding a solution.

 The solution to every problem in the world has been given by the Almighty. the only solution to sadness and frustration is to find a way to deal with it.

 Causes of depression

 Feelings of inferiority

 Feelings of inferiority often lead to depression, some people think of others, friends or an imaginary person.

 They become depressed when they feel they have failed.  Every person has an individual status, so he should try to improve his personality and not to mold himself in someone's personality. This condition is inherited in some people.  Some people have a fearful environment from childhood. These children become depressed even when they are adults.

front part of the brain is sluggish

 If the front part of the brain is sluggish, then this condition also occurs.

gastrointestinal upset

 Due to gastrointestinal upset, when the foul odor rises towards the brain, it still causes depression for some time.

Lack of oxygen

Lack of oxygen causes the brain system to disintegrate, at the same time it starts to feel thirsty and at the same time the symptoms of this disease start to appear. Children who are brought up in a noisy environment are very much affected by this disease.

Lack of sleep 

 Lack of sleep causes depression because the hormonal balance is disturbed. Some people's desires are not fulfilled, they fall into the delusion that nature has done them injustice, although if they look at their efforts in this matter, they do not suffer from depression. If he is stopped from the open environment to the closed environment, he will definitely become mentally ill, even if he is responsible for this (Aristotle).

 Symptoms in men:

 Anger at the slightest thing, being restless, breaking things.

 Being hopeless, sitting empty, having a bad stomach.

 Avoid favorite activities, don't take interest in any work, get tired quickly.

 Thinking of suicide.

 Memory impairment, distraction.

 Sleep during the day, sleep a lot or not sleep at all.

 Headache, fatigue, lethargy, irritability.

 Symptoms in women:

 Anger often hurts children.

 Weight gain, heaviness in the head, yellowing of the skin.

 Hold your breath at night and then recover.

 Suffocation, nightmares.

 Lack of interest, loneliness, irritability.

 Memory impairment, lack of sleep, some sleep more.

 Changes in voice, getting tired quickly.

 Feeling of change in heart rate, headache and dizziness.

 Symptoms in children:

 Anger, irritability, crying over a little thing or joke.

 Loneliness, fear of going to school, suicidal thoughts.

 Memory impairment, sleep deprivation, stubbornness.

 Weight gain, lack of energy and lethargy, fatigue, excessive breath.

 Lack of attention, think negative.

 How can we avoid depression?

 Avoid dieting on children.

 If the exam fails, give hope and encouragement to the children, because in such a situation one also blames one's self, discouragement  leads to depression.

 Avoid staying at home too long, walk on green grass.

 Don't let any work get on your mind, take good care of your sleep.

 Use nutritious  fruits, especially pistachios.

 Relieve fatigue through "meditation".

 Women get this disease quickly because it has a delicate mood, so be  humble

 When you find someone lost in your mind, try to divert their attention to their favorite things.

So in this way we can get rid of DEPRESSION , SADNESS AND DISAPPOINTMENT.

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