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 Tomatoes are one of the healthiest vegetables in the world.  Tomatoes are so useful, cheap and healthy that no salad can match them.  Like spinach, it has a moderately dry effect and is rich in vitamin A and B, according to modern medical research.  There is also plenty of mineral salts and iron.

 Its use produces blood.  It is equally useful to eat it raw and cooked.  Who doesn't know the name of tomato which is an essential component of our daily food preparation.  Tomatoes are called in Latin (Lycopene Esculentum).

 There are many types of tomatoes and many colors.  Like raw tomatoes are green.

 Red and yellow, pink and bright pink and dark red tomatoes are commonly seen in the vegetable market.

 But medically, red ripe tomatoes are considered good. Tomatoes were also called crazy angry apples in Europe, while in France, tomatoes are called "apples of love" because of their color properties.  Tomatoes were originally found in the forests of South America.  From there it was brought to Central America by the ancient Uzbeks and Maya of Mexico, who cultivated it and introduced it as tomato.

 It was brought to Europe by the Spanish conquerors of Mexico and Peru in the early 16th century.  Tomatoes have been favored in Spain and Italy, while their properties for human health have been called into question due to their association with a type of poisonous plant called "Solanash".  It reached North America at the hands of 16th-century settlers, and then in the 19th century, tomatoes flooded the vegetable market there.

 Tomatoes are considered both a fruit and a vegetable.  A lawsuit was also filed in the United States to determine the status of tomatoes, and in 1893 an associate judge of the US Supreme Court ruled that tomatoes were a fruit from a botanical point of view.  Nowadays, everyone knows that every human being must take a small amount of vitamins daily.  Vitamins A, B and C are essential for human health.

 We must include these vitamins in our diet to strengthen the body and strengthen the bones. Interestingly, these three vitamins, which are essential for human health, are present in tomatoes.  Eating tomatoes makes you hungry and the food is digested quickly.  Tomatoes are also useful in many diseases.


 It cures diseases such as anemia, jaundice of the face and eyes and obesity.

 It is better to cook it. In fact, cooking and eating tomatoes contains a large amount of lycopene, a nutrient in it, which is very important for the restoration of health and well-being. Its use is extremely useful for thin and weak patients.  Tomatoes have an acidic property that blood

 Cleanses. Wash and suck a good tomato every morning for children who are thin and weak.

 Because it contains all the nutrients that are essential for the growth of a child. Its use helps children to extract teeth and their stomach also works properly. Keeping the body's nervous system in order.  And there is no one better than him in strengthening. He makes the body healthy and strong.  Strengthens veins and muscles. Produces blood.

 It is rich in phosphorus, iron and vitamins. Therefore, it is also extremely useful in terms of nutrition. It plays an important role in the development and upbringing of children.

 It is better to use this vegetable than to buy expensive fruits to alleviate the deficiency of vitamins.  It has more benefits than other fruits. Vitamin C deficiency causes tooth decay and gum pus.

 Drink a sip of tomato juice once a day.  It relieves nausea and vomiting throughout the day.  The stomach does all the work of digesting food. Tomato juice nourishes children and protects teeth.  In women, its consumption increases milk production and makes the milk of such mothers stronger and healthier for infants.

 As it contains sourness, it should be used with caution in case of cough, cold, flu etc. Tomatoes, salad, radish, beetroot and onion should also be used with lunch.  It is extremely useful for health. It relieves digestive problems. Do not drink water for some time after eating raw tomatoes.  This is because acidic substances can do their job well in the stomach.

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