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Here are some tips to keep your heart healthy

Here are some tips to keep your heart healthy


Dhak, Dhak, Dhak; Yes, this heartbeat is the proof of human life. If it stops, then the human being also burns in the dust. In the human body, heart, and brain, these two organs are considered to be the most important. Keeping the mind healthy keeps the body strong. Below are some heart care tips that are the result of hundreds of years of expert research and experience.

How can we prevent heart diseases?

 Avoid cigarette smoke

American doctors have found that men and women who are exposed to cigarette smoke for 30 minutes three times a week have a 26 percent increased risk of developing heart disease. Don't sit in a smoky environment.

 Resetting the heartbeat

Doctors say that reading books, playing cricket, or activities that increase heart rate are good for heart health. whenever the heart beats faster, it is like resetting the heartbeat. This improves the performance of the heart.

Do not exercise in the dust

Exercising in a polluted environment reduces the oxygen in the blood. In this condition, the chances of clots forming in the heart vessels increase.

Take a dip in the pool

British experts have found that men who burn just 50 calories from intense physical activity, such as swimming or hiking, have a 62 percent lower risk of heart disease.

Compare cholesterol with fruits

In one experiment, Australian experts fed 17 men and women nuts for three months. When they were examined in the fourth month, men and women were found to have three to five percent lower cholesterol. The reason is that nuts are monounsaturated that contains large amounts of fat.

Get rid of depression by cycling

Medical science has discovered that people with depression are more likely to develop heart disease sooner than others.

Many men try to get rid of depression by taking weight-loss drugs. Modern research has revealed that one of the best ways to get rid of depression is to do any exercise such as cycling or playing badminton.

Twenty minutes of meditation daily

People with heart disease, especially those who spend only twenty minutes a day meditating. This spiritual practice relieves anxiety and restlessness.

Buy a punching bag

Researchers at Harvard University have found that men and women who vent their anger are less likely to suffer from heart disease, while repressed anger can lead to heart failure.

Foods that strengthen the heart

Heart disease deaths are on the rise around the world. By changing diet and exercising regularly,  the heart  can be kept healthy and many diseases can be prevented.

.After years of research, experts have found the following ingredients to be very useful for the heart.


The many vitamins and antioxidants in garlic are good for the heart. Allicin in garlic not only keeps the heart strong but also helps in controlling cholesterol and high blood pressure. It also prevents many types of cancer and cellular breakdown.


Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant found in tomatoes. It prevents heart disease, blood pressure, and cholesterol. It also protects cells from damage and breakdown. According to doctors, to better absorb the lycopene in tomatoes, it should be softened in olive oil and used. Experts recommend eating three tomatoes every day and it's very good effects become apparent  in just six weeks.


Cinnamon does not raise blood sugar levels. It lowers cholesterol and not only lowers blood pressure but also protects against cancer and Alzheimer's.

 Green tea

Green tea has many benefits. The important thing is that it keeps the cells on the lining of the veins and arteries in good condition.

This tea is widely consumed in Japan, and research has shown that regular consumption of green tea protects 31% of women and 22% of men in Japan from heart disease.


 The juice of grapefruit  is rich in fiber, vitamin C, choline, and lycopene. It controls the number of unhealthy fats in the blood, including triglycerides that harden the arteries of the heart. Grapefruit contains a fiber called pectin which keeps the heart and arteries healthy.

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